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When organizations put a lot of eggs in one basket – desktop side

Posted by Anton Aylward

This is a chicken-little story.

We've been putting many computer eggs in one hardware basket for a long, long time.
What do you think mainframes running MVS and VM/CMS were?
What were things like air traffic control?

The 'desktop' is a fuzz concept that gets confused with a GUI.
Those mainframes - think airline ticket and reservation - could handle many hundreds of remote terminals, keeping them updated.

What's a dumb terminal if not the ultimate in 'thin clients'?

Unfortunately, SNMPv2 is not secure

Posted by Anton Aylward

You betcha its not!

There are GOOD practices for deploying SNMP.
The BEST practice is to avoid V2.
If you must SNMP then use v3,289483,sid14_gci1078248,00.html
if you are feeling geekish.

However my personal view is DON'T DO IT.