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Posted by Anton Aylward

Viagra scotland

Viagra scotland Well what would you ask?

Viagra scotland These seem to be the kind of questions that might be asked by someone with a strong technical bias. Viagra scotland The CISSP cert is supposed to be more oriented towards security management than to the technical aspects, viagra scotland so what would you ask?

Viagra scotland We should, viagra scotland I think, viagra scotland be asking about "The Tone At The Top", viagra scotland the organizations attitude towards security and, viagra scotland but what does that mean in terms of interview questions?

Viagra scotland My thoughts tend towards Policy and Certification, viagra scotland but them many of my past clients have been financial, viagra scotland so regulatory compliance looms large for them. Viagra scotland I'd certainly ask about Policy, viagra scotland how it is formulated, viagra scotland how it is communicated and how it is enforced. Viagra scotland That's not as easy as it sounds: most people know what should be done but ask that tactlessly and other than being an opening ("Yes, viagra scotland I can work on that for you") all you've done is embarrassed the interviewer.

Viagra scotland So we have a refinement that the article never touched on: this is an interview not an audit.

Viagra scotland  

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