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Posted by Anton Aylward

Cialis and levitra I often explain that Information Security focuses on Information Assets.

Cialis and levitra Some day, cialis and levitra on the corporate balance sheet, cialis and levitra there will be an entry
which reads, cialis and levitra "Information"; for in most cases the information is
more valuable  than the hardware which processes it. Cialis and levitra
   -- Adm. Cialis and levitra Grace Murray Hopper, cialis and levitra USN Ret.

Cialis and levitra Some people see this as a binary absolute - they think that there's no need to asses the risks to the physical assets or that somehow this is automatically considered when assessing the risk to information.

Cialis and levitra The thing is there are differing types of information and differing types of containers for them.

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Posted by Anton Aylward

Age of viagra users On one of the ISO-27000 lists I subscribe to I commented that one should have a policy to determine the need for and the criteria for choosing a Data Loss Prevention mechanism.

Age of viagra users The DLP Logo

Age of viagra users I get criticised occasionally for long and detailed posts that some readers complain treat them like beginners, age of viagra users but sadly if I don't I get comments such as this in reply

Age of viagra users  Anton
  Data Loss is something you prevent; you enforce controls to prevent data
  leakage, age of viagra users DLP can be a programme, age of viagra users but , age of viagra users I find very difficult to support
  with a policy.

Age of viagra users Does one have visions of chasing escaping data over the net with a three-ring binder labelled "Policy"?

Age of viagra users Let me try again.

Age of viagra users Fly Away

Age of viagra users Policy comes first.
Without policy giving direction, age of viagra users purpose and justification, age of viagra users supplying the basis for measurement, age of viagra users quality and applicability (never mind issues such as configuration) then you are working on an ad-hoc basis.

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Posted by Anton Aylward

Viagra prescription How do you know WHAT assets are  to be included in the ISO-27K Asset Inventory?

Viagra prescription SOMF Asset Patterns

Viagra prescription This question and variants of the "What are assets [for ISO27K]?" comes up often and has seen much discussion on the various InfoSec forums I subscribe to.

Viagra prescription Perhaps some ITIL influence is need.  Or perhaps not since that might be too reductionist.

Viagra prescription The important thing to note here is that the POV of the accountants/book-keepers is not the same as the ISO27K one. Viagra prescription To them, viagra prescription an asset is something that was purchased and either depreciates in value, viagra prescription according to the rules of the tax authority you operate under, viagra prescription or appreciates in value (perhaps) according to the market, viagra prescription such as land and buildings.

Viagra prescription Here in Canada, viagra prescription computer hardware and software depreciates PDQ under this scheme, viagra prescription so that the essential software on which you company depends is deemed worthless by the accountants. Viagra prescription Their view is that depreciable assets should be replaced when they reach the end of their accounting-life. Viagra prescription Your departmental budget may say different.

Viagra prescription Many of the ISO27K Assets are things the accountants don't see: data, viagra prescription processes, viagra prescription relationships, viagra prescription know-how, viagra prescription documentation.

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Posted by Anton Aylward

Female viagra viagra woman A colleague in InfoSec made the following observation:

Female viagra viagra woman My point - RA is a nice to have, female viagra viagra woman but it is superfluous. Female viagra viagra woman It looks nice
but does NOTHING without the bases being covered. Female viagra viagra woman what we need
is a baseline that everyone accepts as necessary (call it the house
odds if you like...)

Female viagra viagra woman Most of us in the profession have met the case where a Risk Analysis would be nice to have but is superfluous because the baseline controls that were needed were obvious and 'generally accepted', female viagra viagra woman which makes me wonder why any of us support the fallacy or RA.

Female viagra viagra woman It gets back to the thing about the Hollywood effect that is Pen Testing. Female viagra viagra woman Quite apart from the many downsides it has from a business POV it is non-logical in the same way that RA is non-logical.

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