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Posted by Anton Aylward

Viagra cream http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/03/opinion/how-china-steals-our-secrets.html

Viagra cream This is better written than most 'chicken little' pieces, viagra cream but please can we have 'history' of how most nations, viagra cream including the USA, viagra cream have engages in 'industrial espionage'.

Viagra cream I recall a presentation by CSIS that was making the point that Canada's greatest threat on the Industrial Espionage scene was France, viagra cream and France had been practising Industrial Espionage against the "English Speaking World" for centuries. Viagra cream And he had evidence to back that up from at lest Napoleonic times.

Viagra cream But then don't forget that the "English Speaking World" stole such secrets from China as "Tea":

Viagra cream For centuries, viagra cream the secret of growing tea was one of China's
most closely-guarded treasures. Viagra cream Along with silk, viagra cream tea was an
extremely valuable agricultural commodity, viagra cream prized as a luxury
item across Asia and into Europe.

Viagra cream In the mid-19th century, viagra cream however, viagra cream Briton Robert Fortune
dressed as a Chinese man (complete with queue) and set out
to discover the secret of tea-growing. Viagra cream He located the bushes
that produce tea, viagra cream and stole seedlings that he transported to
British India. Viagra cream China's tea monopoly was broken.

Robert Fortune (1812-1880)

Robert Fortune (1812-1880) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Viagra cream Fortune's explorations are detailed in a new book, viagra cream For All
the Tea in China
, viagra cream by Sarah Rose. Viagra cream She frames this not
simply as a tale of Victorian exploration, viagra cream but as early
industrial espionage - which, viagra cream of course, viagra cream it was.

Viagra cream I'm not saying this justifies anything, viagra cream any more that the Opium trade or forcing products from the Industrialized West onto Asian markets, viagra cream also part of or common historic context, viagra cream justifies any reprisals.

Viagra cream I'm just saying Context is Everything and if you ignore history (especially when dealing with people for whom history is an important context) then you are setting yourself up for a sea of troubles.

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