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Posted by Anton Aylward

Drink alcohol with viagra On the ISO27000 Forum list, drink alcohol with viagra someone asked:

Drink alcohol with viagra I'm looking for Risk statement for each ISO 27k control; meaning
"what is the risk of not implementing a control".

Drink alcohol with viagra That's a very ingenious way of looking at it!

Drink alcohol with viagra One way of formulating the risk statement is from the control
objective mentioned in the standard.
Is there any other way out ?

Drink alcohol with viagra Ingenious aside, drink alcohol with viagra I'd be very careful with an approach like this.

Drink alcohol with viagra Risks and controlsare not, drink alcohol with viagra should not, drink alcohol with viagra be 1:1.

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Posted by Anton Aylward

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Buy inurl viagra viagra "If nothing else, buy inurl viagra viagra perhaps the frequency, buy inurl viagra viagra audacity and harmfulness of
these attacks will help encourage Congress to enact new legislation to
make the Internet a safer place for everyone, buy inurl viagra viagra" the Sony executive said.

Buy inurl viagra viagra "By working together to enact meaningful cybersecurity legislation we
can limit the threat posed to U.S. Buy inurl viagra viagra all, buy inurl viagra viagra" he said.

Buy inurl viagra viagra To people like us, buy inurl viagra viagra IT Audit and InfoSec types, buy inurl viagra viagra 'control' come in 3 forms

  • preventative
  • detective
  • compensatory

Buy inurl viagra viagra It seems that this legislation focuses on the 3rd and not the first.
It might even be seen to discourage the second.

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Posted by Anton Aylward

Canadian generic cialis It seems that to make better cybersecurity-related decisions a senior FBI official recommends considering a simple algebraic equation:

Canadian generic cialis risk = threat x vulnerability x consequence

Canadian generic cialis rather than solely focusing on threat vectors and actors.

Canadian generic cialis To be honest, canadian generic cialis I sometimes wonder why people obsess about threat vectors in the first place.  There seems to be a beleive that the more threats you face, canadian generic cialis the higher your risk, canadian generic cialis regardless of your controls and regardless of the classification of the threats.

Canadian generic cialis Look at it this way: what do you have control over?

Canadian generic cialis Why do you think that people like auditors refer to the protective and detective mechanisms as "controls"?

Canadian generic cialis Yes, canadian generic cialis if you're a 600, canadian generic cialis000 lb gorilla like Microsoft you can take down one - insignificant - botnet, canadian generic cialis but the rest of us don't have control over the  threat vectors and threat actors.

What do we have control over?

Canadian generic cialis Vulnerabilities, canadian generic cialis to some extent. Canadian generic cialis We can patch; we can choose to run alternative software; we can mask off access by the threats to the vulnerabilities. Canadian generic cialis We can do things to reduce the the "vulnerability surface" such as partitioning our networks, canadian generic cialis restricting access, canadian generic cialis not exposing more than is absolutely necessary to the Internet (why oh why is your SqlServer visible to the net, canadian generic cialis why isn't it behind the web server, canadian generic cialis which in turn is behind a firewall).

Canadian generic cialis Asset to a large extent. Canadian generic cialis Document them. Canadian generic cialis Identify who should be using them and implement IAM.

Canadian generic cialis And very import: we have control over RESPONSE.

Canadian generic cialis Did the FBI equation mention response? I suppose you could say that 'awareness' is a part of a response package. Canadian generic cialis Personally I think that response is a very, canadian generic cialis very important part of this equation, canadian generic cialis and its the one you have MOST control over.

Canadian generic cialis And response is - or should be - totally independent of the threats
since it focuses on preserving and recovering the assets.

Canadian generic cialis I think they have it very, canadian generic cialis very confused and this isn't the most productive, canadian generic cialis most effective way of going about it.  But then the FBI's view of policing is to go after the criminals, canadian generic cialis and if you consider the criminals to be the threat then that makes sense.

Canadian generic cialis But lest face it, canadian generic cialis most corporations and are not in the business of policing.  neither are home users.

Canadian generic cialis Which is why I focus on the issue of "what you have control over".

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