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Posted by Anton Aylward

Cialis tablets On one of the ISO-27000 lists I subscribe to I commented that one should have a policy to determine the need for and the criteria for choosing a Data Loss Prevention mechanism.

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Cialis tablets I get criticised occasionally for long and detailed posts that some readers complain treat them like beginners, cialis tablets but sadly if I don't I get comments such as this in reply

Cialis tablets  Anton
  Data Loss is something you prevent; you enforce controls to prevent data
  leakage, cialis tablets DLP can be a programme, cialis tablets but , cialis tablets I find very difficult to support
  with a policy.

Cialis tablets Does one have visions of chasing escaping data over the net with a three-ring binder labelled "Policy"?

Cialis tablets Let me try again.

Cialis tablets Fly Away

Cialis tablets Policy comes first.
Without policy giving direction, cialis tablets purpose and justification, cialis tablets supplying the basis for measurement, cialis tablets quality and applicability (never mind issues such as configuration) then you are working on an ad-hoc basis.

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