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Posted by Anton Aylward

Viagra pill for women http://www.infosectoday.com/Articles/Persuasive_Security_Awareness_Program.htm

Viagra pill for women Gary Hinson makes the point here that Rebecca Herrold makes elsewhere:   Rebecca Herold
Awareness training is important.

Viagra pill for women I go slightly further and think that a key part of a security practitioners professional knowledge should be about human psychology and sociology, viagra pill for women how behaviour is influenced. Viagra pill for women I believe we need to know this from two aspects:

Viagra pill for women First, viagra pill for women we need to understand how our principals are influenced by non-technical and non-business matters, viagra pill for women the behavioural persuasive techniques used on them (and us) by vendor salesmen and the media. Viagra pill for women many workers complain that their managers, viagra pill for women their executives seem t go off at a tangent, viagra pill for women ignore "the facts". Viagra pill for women We speak of decisions drive by articles
in "glossy airline magazines" and by often distorted cultural myths.  "What Would the Captain Do?", viagra pill for women or Hans Solo or Rambo might figure more than "What Would Warren Buffett Do" or "What Does Peter Drucker Say About A Situation Like This?". Viagra pill for women We can only be thankful that most of the time most managers and executive are more rational than this, viagra pill for women but even so ...

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