Everybody wants in on ‘Cybersecurity”

Intel Sets McAfee Free …


… becoming what Intel bills as one of the world’s biggest “pure-play cybersecurity companies.”

When I graduated the hot topic was then chemistry, mostly organic but anything to do with chemistry was IN. Engineering was considered ho-hum, aviation was in the doldrums especially in Europe, and electronics & computing — nobody blathered on about ‘cybernetics’ or ‘cybersecurity’ in public back then — held no potential. The future was chemistry.

Remember the line “Better Living Though Chemistry“?

About a year after I graduated I met up with an old room-mate from my first year who had graduated in “chemistry” and went to work for a subsidiary of the same mega-conglomerate of the time that made Schweppes soda water. His job amounted to being a ‘bottle-washer’. Cleaning reaction vessels for purity tests and basic reagent management in Quality Control. One the side it entitles him to endless free miniature bottles of soda water and soda fruit drinks. By then I was the lead engineer & project manager designing with the new VLSI technology, had two engineers reporting to me , three technicians/apprentices and a Nova minicomputer and programmer for same to run simulations on, as well as piles of equipment to and test rigs. Successful tests and simulation I had budget so I could submit to a silicon foundry.
Never the less, I realized this was of limited value with this new stuff – microprocessors – coming over the horizon. I tried telling my management this but …

Of course I toned this down for my ex-room-mate who had listened to the career counselors who told him that the future was in Chemistry.

Now I see hordes of lemmings wanting in on ‘Cybersecurity‘; its fashionable, the media bleats on about it, Hollywood bleats on about it , The white House bleats on about it[1]. I see kids like the ones that dun me on LinkedIn who want to – as they so ironically put it – “Break In” to the Cybersecurity world for a career.

Of course there’s money to be made with this “Go! Lemmings, GO!” attitude.

We all know that eventually it will mature out; that IoT will become yet another “white goods” market segment like laser printers and USB hubs and flat screen TVs and asbestos-free brake pads.

But along the way, while the ‘Gold Rush” is on, there’s a lot of money to be made.

[1] … but may not necessarily do so under the next president

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