We’re mobile addicts but we just don’t want new smartphones


For whatever value of “Mobile” is applicable in context, yes.
A lot of what I see is students in the library with their laptops or large tablets_keyboards with paper and books beside. Perhaps if students had the multi-screen displays like the one in the movie “Swordfish” AND there were more books on-line at low cost and multi-access (which isn’t how many libraries work, sadly) then the marketers dream of students with ebooks rather than a knapsack of books would happen. As it is, with only one viewer, books and papers are still needed.

I’m seeing or being told the same by office workers, that a single screen, even the big screens, is not adequate. Really work & study requires parallel access even if the work-flow isn’t massively parallel.

My own work, such as it is, gets by because my desktop, although only one physical screen, has 6 logical screens. Even so I have a stack of papers and many books to hand, as well as my phone and tablet to hand.

Unless we get some sort of virtual projected-into-the-air display, we are going to need a form of HUD glasses that lets us do the MIT Put-That-There screen so that it doesn’t interfere with others, but still lets us look though into the real world at out books and papers. Believe me, the books and papers aren’t going to go away in the foreseeable future whatever the improvements in display technology.

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