RIM vs. Indian government continues


… and the UAE.

RIM is between a rock and a hard place.
They say no to this and they loose a market; and the Indian market is big. They say yes to this and the customers don’t trust them, so why should they buy RIM rather than some other insecure service?

The line:

Governments of India and UAE believe that this poses a security
threat since anti-social elements can use these devices to plan
and co-ordinate their activities without the local security
forces being able to intercept their communication in time.

is not a new one. We saw that back in North America when strong crypto was regarded as a munition and Phil Zimmerman was under investigation as a ‘subversive’. (Heck, by that criteria just about every mathematician
and coder could qualify as a subversive!)

So, suppose RIM rolls over on this one. Those ‘subversive’ just buy a smartphone and install some 3rd party crypto application: PGPPhone perhaps. Or any one of a whole host of other products or services.

Meanwhile, business interests that want security for commercial reasons
are worried. If the government can snoop then so can commercial espionage.

In my database of quotes I find

The interests of society are better served by a system
that encourages efficient trade activity than by one
that encourages litigation.
— Amber Manx in Charles Stross’s “Accerando

Efficient trade is based on trust; of you partners, of the banks, of the legal system (e.g. contract law) and of governmental governance.
Once you start introducing a breakdown of trust – especially from the higher levels – things fall apart.

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