Gartner: Hosted Virtual Desktops Are the Catalyst Behind Changing

Gartner seem to be making the case that with Virtual Desktops (I point blank refuse to use the acronym) the issue isn’t just storage, its STORAGE MANAGEMENT.

I still don’t see a good case for Virtual Desktops in the first place.
They say

“Having data decentralized onto PCs has traditionally been viewed as a
necessary evil that, in exchange, provides users and organizations
application flexibility and functionality. Having local data is
convenient for the user, but comes at a price. “

I think the argument is that the hardware in front of the user is a ‘thin client’ (has Larry done a turn-around?) However I don’t think this will be so. Telecommuters and more will be using full blown PCs.
Telecommuters & ‘road warriors’ will want to be able to work off-line.

I see they say

“Many issues associated with security, compliance, remote access and PC
backup are reduced (if not eliminated) when deploying Hosted Virtual

But … reality is that the whole argument in favour of cloud computing is that it only makes financial sense if you are using a commodity application.  Once you have a spread and are using specialized tools this starts to break down. There are too many exceptions.

I also have concerns about the management of the Hosted Virtual Desktops. I can see how financial organizations such as brokerage firms (or the brokerage divisions of banks) need a “Chinese Wall” and the
‘no local storage’ approach of a Virtual Desktop can be used to address this. However isn’t it just moving the issue along a few steps?
As the article says, it’s a storage *management* issue.

But that still assumes the ‘workstations’ are the thinnest of thin clients.  While I have no doubt the brokerage firms are going to be  willing to incur the expense of purging their PCs (and lets hope they sanitise them before disposal![2]), will this apply to all firms? For many it will simply be impractical, just as the lure of ‘cloud computing’ and ‘software as a service’ (e.g. ‘’) has many assumptions about the ubiquity of high-speed connections and the privacy of remote access, so too will Hosted Virtual Desktops have their own set of issues. Storage and storage management will be among them, but those
in turn need to be policy driven, as the ‘Chinese Wall‘ situations illustrate.

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