White House Cyber Czar: ‘There Is No Cyberwar’

Thank you Howard! This has long needed to be said by someone in authority!

Yes, crime and espionage will cripple us all economically.
We won’t see enemy troops occupying our land.
(We might see the same result from ‘enhanced homeland security’: troops and law enforcement on every corner checking papers, breaking down your front door at 3am and other Stasi SS-Sto�truppen tactics. But that’s another matter, and when it happens you know not only have the
Terrorists have won, but your own government is the main source of Terror..)

Howard Schmidt, the new cybersecurity czar for the Obama administration,
has a short answer for the drumbeat of rhetoric claiming the United
States is caught up in a cyberwar that it is losing.

“There is no cyberwar,” Schmidt told Wired.com in a sit-down interview
Wednesday at the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco.

“I think that is a terrible metaphor and I think that is a terrible
concept,” Schmidt said. “There are no winners in that environment.”

Instead, Schmidt said the government needs to focus its cybersecurity
efforts to fight online crime and espionage.

His stance contradicts Michael McConnell, the former director of
national intelligence who made headlines last week when he testified to
Congress that the country was already in the midst of a cyberwar — and
was losing it.

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