Arrogant? Who? Us?

Talk about difficult to read!   I hate sites like this, only slightly more than ones that use a completely black background.

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A large part of my “11th Domain” bleating is about communication – thinking in terms of the other person, their needs and views and how the ‘message’ you’re sending will be received and interpreted.

On “The Medium is the Message” principle, what does the CSS for this site tell you?
What does that bg_site.gif dark blue and #01203d global.css tell you?
Oh, and there’s hidden “watermark” graphics there too.

But presentation, readability and graphics aside, the material is, to put it very bluntly, ‘not in accordance with experience’. InfoSec getting preferential treatment and funding? “The security guy was given more funding.” In our Dreams!

Lines like: “If we do this xyz project, we will be the safest company on the globe with the most secure internal network that can't be penetrated by anyone.” Well, I doubt any of us in InfoSec would think that. Who is he talking about? Some inexperienced newbie, obviously …

As for likes like: “Security decisions may also seem mysterious to other technology professionals, since the reasons behind certain key decisions may be held in confidence — often for good reasons.”. Well, to most workers, the corporate decision made by the board and executive may often seem obscure (often to other industry analysts and their competitors too) for a variety of reasons. Most notably that they are specialists with access to specialist information.

Its not just InfoSec that has good reasons for confidentiality, what about the CFO and financial reports? Has this guy never heard of the laws pertaining to Insider Trading? What about Engineering and new product design? What about upcoming marketing campaigns? These are all things “… held in confidence — often for good reasons.” Very good reasons. So why isn’t he bleating about the “arrogance” of sales and marketing or the arrogance of the CEO?

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