A Ralph Nader for the 21st Century?



Hanni, who lives in California, is the founder of the Coalition for an
Airline Passengers Bill of Rights, the group that’s spearheading efforts
in Congress to prevent airlines from imprisoning passengers on delayed

In a lawsuit filed in Houston Tuesday, she claims that Delta Air
Lines was behind the hacking, accusing the world’s largest carrier
of conspiracy and invasion of privacy.

Hanni believes Delta wants to crush her attempts to force better
customer service on the airline industry, which has fought mightily
to ensure it can treat passengers shabbily.

Perhaps this isn’t on the same scale as cars that are designed to explode and kill the passengers, but the model is the same. Can we see Hanni standing for the Presidency in a couple of decades? No, seriously, there does seem to be some skulduggery here that impacts privacy.

Has anyone read “Airframe” by Michael Creighton?
Different story, and not so much about airLINES, and not about privacy.
Heck, Hanni’s laptop isn’t the stuff of Hollywood. Perhaps that’s what’s wrong with the PII/InfoSec world, not enough appeal to Hollywood :-/

The irony, of course, is that if the carriers put as much effort into improving service as Delta apparently has into fighting Hanni, we wouldn’t need a passenger rights bill.

Wasn’t something much the same said in Nader’s days?

Don’t we keep saying the same about InfoSec?

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