Swine Flu Issues – insufficient discrimination

The trouble with some people is that they make some deceptively reasonable comments that don’t stand up under critical analysis

 With an ailing economy and a whole lot of cancelled contracts resulting from
that poor economy. Pandemic planning is a major threat to our most important
asset people and it appears as though that vulnerability may have been
activated. Its time to dust off the BCP plan and update it with a Pandemic
Mitigation strategy.

If it takes a pandemic to motivate you to create or review a BCP then
something is seriously wrong, and it has nothing to do with the pandemic.

As one manager said to me a long time ago, “show me the numbers”.
I read:

The number of confirmed cases rose Monday to 50 in the U.S., the result
of further testing at a New York City school. The WHO has confirmed 26
cases in Mexico, six in Canada and one in Spain. All of the Canadian
cases were mild, and the people have recovered.

The Mexican government suspects the virus was behind at least 149 deaths
in Mexico, the epicentre of the outbreak, with hundreds more cases

I’m sure just about any ocotr – or the ‘Net – can supply us with figures on the cases and deaths from ‘regular’ flu world-wide, as well as the named versions. Continue reading Swine Flu Issues – insufficient discrimination

Politician hit by lost documents


We can all see what went wrong here.

1. He should have gone by car and not the train.
2. He should have had the documents on his laptop
3. The laptop should have been tethered in the trunk of the said car.
4. The documents should have been clearly labelled
“*Not* about the F-35”
5. His laptop should have had its patches and AV up to date.

Just one question.

What’s with this “hit by”?
That headline is trying to make out that the documents were the guilty – and actively so – party.

Well, perhaps that not the fault of the journalist, perhaps that’s the stance the politician is taking 🙂

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Famous Last Words

My favourite ‘famous last words‘ are

“I wonder what this button is for”

Mind you, one job I had that worked the graveyard shift, we had a TV
tuned to the late night Axe murder horror movie channel. They get to
look funny after a while ‘cos they are so hackneyed. Scenes such as
walking backwards though the door or opening the cupboard to have the
corpse or monster leap out are the ‘visual’ last-words.

But sometimes its not a joke, as when someone says

“We have put in place a very secure network and I can confidently say
that it cannot be tampered with,” said signal officer-in-chief
Lt-General P Mohapatra on Monday.

In plain English he’s saying “we can’t be hacked”.

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