Would Bill C-285 outlaw BlackBerry in Canada?


“When they outlaw X only criminals will have X”

… for many values of the members of the set of Y.

There’s the old saw:

People who won’t quit making the same mistake over
and over are what we call conservatives.

No, they are politicians.

He added that making it easier for law enforcement to tap into wireless
transmissions will probably bring those same capabilities into the hands
of the cyber criminal community. This is certainly not the
business-friendly message you want to be sending out to encourage
investment in technology during the recession, Levy said.

“Especially since the very same government has placed organizations in
the financial services, health care and public sector under increasing
regulatory scrutiny to lock down their own security infrastructure.”

In reality, judging by history, if there’s going to be a way to hack into things like the Blackberry the the criminals will have it long before the LE, and the LE will probably be denied funding for it by the government.

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