Visio in Ascii

This gtk2-perl application allows you to draw ASCII diagrams in a modern
(but simple) graphical application. The ASCII graphs can be saved as
ASCII or in a format that allows you to modify them later

So what does this have to do with security?

Well, one of the security risks we face is that Microsoft Office applications (among others) have embedded Visual Basic, often with extensions. These have been susceptible to macro viruses.

Yes, I’m aware that there are mechanisms for defending against this, but they are software, and we know that in the long run errors will be introduced in upgrades or patches and the bad guys will find alternative avenues of attack. The real problem is that VB is embedded in the application.

So this is a solution. We go back to the “data is data” era, when data was not executable. See also all the “why HTML mail is evil” articles – go Google for them.

Happy Friday.

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