Once its out of your control ..

There’s this idiot …


Nigel Stepney, the former Ferrari mechanic who sparked the Ferrari/
McLaren Mercedes espionage scandal last year, has admitted that he
handed information to McLaren, but did not imagine that it would be used
by the Woking-based team to the degree that it was.

Why ever not?
Once he handed the information over it was outside his control.
What people do with it then is up to them, not up to him. Its not as if there was some binding contract and he can sue them for misuse of the information.

This boy is a fool to think he retains any control over the use of the information. Heck, by giving it away he shown that his employers don’t have control over the use to which its put, so why is he spouting nonsense like this:-

“I don’t feel responsible in anyway for what happened at McLaren,”
Stepney said in an interview due to be transmitted on Sky Sports World
Motor Sport show this evening.

This boy is a fool! Does he imagine everyone in the world is honest, is happy to abide by his agenda?

Or perhaps he’s a fool in a different way. Perhaps that’s all a smoke screen that he’s throwing up, hoping we’ll think him an innocent fool. Perhaps he’s fully aware of what he did and hopes we’ll think he’s just a naive and gullible idiot.

“Obviously it got a bit sensitive and somebody used information more
than I actually thought it [should have been] or not more than it should
have been, it should never have been used . . . to that extreme.”

And of course any leaked information could be put together with information from other sources, used to verify information obtained elsewhere, lead to other stuff … Anyone who has read things like David Kahn’s “The Codebreakers” or, perhaps more relevant to this guy the BBC documentary in May of last year.

This boy’s a fool on many levels. How is any employer going to trust him ever again? It doens’t matter if his intentions were as he claims or is this patter is a smokescreen, he’s shown that he can’t be trusted and that is what matters.

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