Wake-up Business! The cybercriminals have embraced the open source


… In many respects, malware creation mimics open
source communities, in which legions of programmers spanning the globe
tweak one another’s code to add new features and fix bugs.

So what happened to the proverbial socially maladjusted hacker in the bask room eating twinkies and drinking jolt?

“It seems somewhat different than the standard way of thinking of a
hacker,” says Thomas Holt, a professor of criminal justice at
the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, who presented his
findings Thursday to military and law enforcement officials at the US
Department of Defense’s Cyber Crime Conference. Crime groups “are
looking to one another for assistance. It’s no longer just a single
person distributing malware. Now there
appear to be groups and there appears to be a distribution of labor.”

And this when so many ‘mainstream’ companies are finding reasons to avoid using open source. No doubt they will misunderstand and use this as another reason.

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