“Who ya gonna call?” Certainly not qualified experts!

This from a Friend in Australia:

The Australian Government is wasting over $100 million on “free” “Internet content filtering” software for home computers (http://www.netalert.gov.au/), and in the latest move, the opposition – which stands a very good chance of becoming the government after Saturday’s election – is now taking advice from a 16-year-old kid on its Internet policy (see

Security theater of the highest order. Words fail me.

“Security theater”? That’s one of Bruce Schneier’s lines. I’m surprised he hasn’t mentioned this at his blog.

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  1. Whaddya mean not a qualified expert?

    >>”Tom has a genuine understanding of cyber-safety issues being a digital native and having suffered such cyber-issues as computer addiction,” Senator Conroy said.

    I think he understands about all those internet tubes.

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