Codify Hacking

The Hacker Foundation, a non-profit organization of ethical security researchers, is trying to extend its reach and encourage more people to join its ranks to help further codify the United States hacking community.

“Codify” as in “Criminal Code”?

Many people working on important security research programs need financial help to allow them to pay their bills

If they are as white-hat as they claim, why not go to work for a bank or IBM or Symantec? If they object to that as too ‘establishment’ then I’d question their real motives. Is it the betterment of society at large or their own self gratification?

… the group also raises funds for any legal defense fees incurred by white
hats as they bend rules to help test the concepts they build.

Ah, there we have it.
The difference between the Noun and the Verb.
They call themselves ‘white hat’ but they don’t want to work within the law.

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