Vista: Where UNIX was in the 1980s

At a VISTA security presentation at the ISSA recently I was left with the impression that VISTA is finally catching up with where *NIX was … more than ten years ago.

This reinforces my impression.

I recall doing this kind of partitioning of System III, SYSTEM V, SCO UNIX and SUN/OS back in the 1980s. I remember fretting about how big each partition should be.

Now I don’t.

All the versions of *NIX I deal with now use a Logical Volume Manager and I can manipulate the partitions, shink or grow, move them to another spindle, etc etc, at any time.

And I mean ANY. I don’t have to shut down the machine, take it into single user mode or even unmount the partition.

All articles like this one from ZDNET do is prove how primitive Windows is.

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  1. Yes, I remember that. I think it did a dis-service to Apple to say they were only eleven years ahead of Microsoft with their technology.

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