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To sell antivirus software, first you must sell the fear. Verisign, the intrepid Web security giant, issued an ominous warning in December. It predicted an imminent invasion by a worm called Sober, which would infect networks worldwide and clog up the Internet. It would be timed to coincide with the 87th anniversary of the founding of the Nazi party.

Yes, the Nazis are a big “Fearsome” monster still in the minds of many people.

Other firms joined in a chorus of worry, offering an abundance of soundbites for news outlets.

As in ‘not to be outdone’

Neither outbreak ever occurred. Two small security software outfits claimed credit for blocking thr Kama Sutra virus

I have an sure-fire Elephant repellent to prevent Elephants stomping over your garden. Works great 40 degrees and further north in areas with plenty of rain and the occasional rose bush….

Vincent Weafer, who runs the security response division at Symantec (nasdaq: SYMC – news – people ), the world’s largest seller of antivirus software, concedes both threats were duds and that his rivals overhyped them.”To get attention, you pick something new and say the sky’s falling down,” he says.

Oh WOW. Honesty. But anyway, spend a few days – hours? – reading

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