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I found this:-

The Agriculture Department’s wireless policy, updated in April through a series of departmental notices, comprises everything from architectural requirements to acquisition guidance. Unlike the Defense Department’s most recent wireless memorandum, USDA’s policy covers technologies such as Bluetooth and infrared communications, which the department tightly restricts, requiring that Bluetooth and infrared be used only between government-owned devices or within secure government facilities. These technologies also can only be used with strict security measures turned on, including Encryption Mode 3, use of temporary personal identification numbers and more. It’s a very detailed policy.

Good, I thought.
But then I found this as well, which puts it in a differnt light

A hacker broke into the Agriculture Department’s computer system and may have obtained names, Social Security numbers and photos of 26,000 Washington-area employees and contractors, the department said Wednesday. The break-in happened during the first weekend in June, the department said.

Ah. So they had secured the WiFi but not the hardware .. or something.

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