Win either way

AT&T leaks sensitive info in NSA suit

The beauty of this is whether ATnT wins or looses, we in InfoSec come out ahead.

If the EFF wins, then its a strike again governmental monitoring and for privacy.

…The Electronic Frontier Foundation, … alleges that the room is used by an unlawful National Security Agency surveillance program.

The deleted portions of the legal brief seek to offer benign reasons why AT&T would allegedly have a secret room at its down town San Francisco switching center that would be designed to monitor Internet and telephone traffic.

“AT&T notes that the facts recited by plaintiffs are entirely consistent with any number of legitimate Internet monitoring systems, such as those used to detect viruses and stop hackers,” the redacted pages say.

We are seeing in some countries things like a proposed law – example from the UK below – that would outlaw the use of what netadmins consider normal network monitoring tools, traffic profiling, packet inspection for viruses
and other malware.

My take on all this:

Its becoming quite clear that politicians don’t know how to deal with technology.
I recently read an article to the effect that a company wouldn’t hire a CFO who was ignorant of finance and accounting but would hire a CIO who was ignorant of technology. We’ve all see it done. I recall one company that had a “Director of Internet Excellence” with a degree in history who came out with lines that would make Dilbert’s PHB blush!

In medaevil times, the Lords and Magnates were the ones with experience in managing the only resource that counted back then – the land. But democratization has been a leveller. Now we have politicians who probably couldn’t hold up in Grade 13 (aka “Sixth Form”), who couldn’t configure their own PC or boot and login Linux from a LiveCD making strategic decisions about the country’s technology.

Why do we let people make decisions on matters about which they have no understanding or competence and refuse to pay attention to those that do?

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