New twist on laptop theft

We’ve all read about how the Big N-1 Accounting firms have had laptops stolen with financial & personal details of their client’s employees.

Well Here’s a new twist on laptop theft.

A San Francisco finance manager stopped in at a Mission District cafe and was tapping on his laptop as he enjoyed his coffee just before noon on a Thursday. Suddenly, he was under siege.
“I looked up, and I saw this guy leaning into me as if he was asking a question,” he said. “I leaned forward, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone fiddling with the computer cord. I tried to stand up, and as I stepped back, he stabbed me in the chest.”
The attack marked a violent turn in a wave of crime that has hit the city — the “hot spots” frequented by wireless laptop users are becoming hot spots for laptop robberies.
The 40-year-old San Francisco victim of the March 16 attack suffered a partially collapsed lung and was hospitalized for six days. The two suspects fled with his Apple PowerBook, worth $2,500.

The punchline:

The victim in San Francisco’s Mission Creek Cafe stabbing, who requested that his name not be used, said since he was attacked, his friends from New York have urged him to go back there. It’s safer, they say.

The moral of the story is: Telecommuting is fine but telecommute from home, don’t skive off to the local coffee shop while you’re supposed to be working.

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