It’s a crime to delete files

Occasionally I pluck up enough courage to read the Risks Digest.
I found this:

If you don’t read Risks Digest regularly you probably have a cheerful and upbeat disposition and positive outlook on the world and hope for mankind’s future.
If you DO read Risk Digest then you probably don’t need to read apocalyptic SF as you’d it unrealistic. Its not technology that’s going to destroy the world, not Global Thermonuclear war, no Nuclear Winter, no nanite “Green goop” scenario, not biotech poisoning.

It will be lawyers and politicians!

Now suppose that in this case Mr Citrin also kept purely personal stuff on the laptop: his calendar also included things like PTA meeting, kids baseball games, addresses of relatives … and he deleted those.

From my list of quoteable quotes – this seems apropos

The Internet is not the greatest threat to information security; stupidity is the greatest threat to information security.
– Will Spencer

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