Better than Free Chocolate Bars

Some while ago people were peruaded to give up their passwords in exchange for a chocolate bar. This goes one better

With chocolate bars you only get the password, which is not a lot of use unless you’re already behind the corporate firewall.

To office workers trudging to their cubicles, the promotion looked like a chance at sweet relief from the five-day-a-week grind.
By simply running a free CD on their computers, they would have a chance to win a vacation. But the beguiling morning giveaway in London’s financial district last month was more nefarious than it appeared.
Like flies to garbage, dozens of victims took the CD, unable to control the irresistible attraction of “free.”
Secret agents behind enemy lines, the CDs piggybacked through companies’ physical security systems tucked in the bags and pockets of their couriers. The office workers dutifully took the CDs to their desks and plopped them in their employers’ computers.

There’s a moral here.  But the implication that  people can be so easily subverted is frightening.

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