“Vendors that don’t understand security, except that it will make them money”

That assertion is the title of this article:
http://www.crn.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=180203279I think they used the wrong tagline!

“Just about everyone is hawking security, secure networks, secure systems, secure applications, secure websites, secure whatever,” …… It is pretty clear that most of them don’t even know what security means, but they do know one thing: Security sells.”

Why does Internet Security Systems CEO Thomas Noonan say this?

“Business enterprises are starving for the solutions that live up to this hype,” he said. “Last year alone, the financial losses resulting from online fraud, theft and business disruption proved unequivocally that trustworthy, self-defending, fearless networks are failing.”

Oh, so he’s targeting Cisco. Well that understandable, one vendor sniping at another, even though his premise and evidence are – dare I say it – statistically evident.

The conclusion – this is a vendor speaking remember – is forgone.

Best-of-breed technology and security suites are not enough to solve today’s security challenges, Noonan said. The answer is through what ISS is calling security platforms.

So, guys and gals, what do YOU think is the answer?

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